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Village Preschool Academy

Infant / Toddler & Preschool

(714) 993 - 3444

18052 Imperial Hwy,Yorba Linda, CA 92886

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Our program is enriched by a variety of exciting weekly and monthly themes to encourage curiosity and depth of knowledge. Weekly hands on experiments, activities, and crafts provide meaningful experiences in the fields of Science, Math, Geography, Social Studies, and Art. Check our what we did last month!

January Fun!
Small group time in the afternoon allows teachers time to assess children as well as help assist children in fine tuning any skills they maybe behind in, or help others to advance in skills they may excel in.
The children love Tuesdays Tae Kwon Do Class. A great opportunity to exercise, work our listening skills, and practice patience.
Blubber Experiment, learning all about Arctic Animals and how they live in the icy cold waters!
Igloo Building STEAM challenge.
Morning Yoga, a great way to start our day! Little ones enjoy getting their wiggles out to approach their daily activities focused and refreshed.
We love soccer on Wednesdays with Coach Jeff!
Celebrating Lunar New Year! Thank you so much Ms. Linda for making it an extra special celebration.